Fun Fact Quiz


1) Athene is known as:

  1. child of the Dawn
  2. maiden of Spring
  3. the spoiler

2) Achilleus was:

  1. a humble and kind man
  2. a brutal murderous maniac
  3. inside the Trojan Horse

3) Helen was called:

  1. Helen of Argos
  2. Helen of Troy
  3. Helen on Wheels

4) The ancient Greeks called themselves:

  1. Zenons
  2. Achaians
  3. Modern Greeks

5) Poseidon, lord of the sea, is most honored for creating the:

  1. shell fish
  2. the sponge
  3. the horse

6) Aphrodite:

  1. rode in Ares’ war chariot
  2. was wounded in battle
  3. is very very beautiful

7) The gods don’t have blood, they have:

  1. ambrosia
  2. ichor
  3. aither

8) Herakles:

  1. killed Ares’ son
  2. killed his family
  3. killed the Hydra
  4. killed the Stymphalian Birds
  5. killed the Nemean Lion
  6. killed all of the above

9) When Apollo and Athene turned into birds and watched the battle of Troy, they became:

  1. hawks
  2. doves
  3. vultures

10) Why is Hermes often called ’the murderer of Argos’?

  1. he sank the boat
  2. he killed Argos
  3. it’s just a figure of speech

11) How many letters are in the Greek alphabet?

  1. Twenty Six
  2. Twenty Four
  3. Twenty Two and One Half

Warning... trick question:


12) Who was the ultimate god to Homer?

  1. Zeus
  2. Jove
  3. Bob

I hope you enjoyed the quiz! Please check out the List of immortals for all the juicy details about Greek Mythology. Xavr