Lord Hades Please

Hades is not a place... he is the Immortal master of one third of all creation, and with his beautiful wife, Persephone, he rules the Underworld. When you go there, you usually don’t come back. The bad news is that everyone goes there. The Underworld is not necessarily under the ground. The ancient Greeks, like the really ancient Egyptians, believed that the dead ’lived’, not in heaven but in the magical West. They believed that each person was judged by their earthly deeds and that each is given their fair share of honor or grief as Hades deems appropriate. If someone says, "Go to Hades"... they’re showing their lack of mythical education as well as their rudeness. If they should say, "Go to the House of Hades."... they’re still rude but at least they’re somewhat educated.

This Fun Fact was taken from Theogony by Hesiod.

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