Greek Mythology

Fun Fact Quiz   3.0

1) If you meet a Nymph and she says that she lives in an oak tree, you might well ask, "Are you a Dryad or an Hamadryad?" What in the world are you talking about?

2) Nyx (Night) has at least fifteen children, name one.

3) If you were in ancient Greece and someone said that the Amazons were coming, what would you do?

4) If you were going to Hades, would you need a one way ticket or what?

5) Hephaistos, the smith of the gods, was a very busy immortal! He built clever devices for the Olympians, lightning bolts for Zeus and flawless armor for the Heroes but he didn’t do it by himself. Who did Hephaistos enlist to help him at the forge?

6) If the immortal Hypnos gave you something to drink, of course, you could not refuse. But, what would you do after you finished your drink?

7) When the Rosetta Stone was deciphered in 1822 by Jean-Francois Champollion, he used the Greek alphabet to translate the long lost Egyptian alphabet. How did he do this?

8) When Odysseus was being punished by Poseidon, who was the one immortal who begged Zeus to save the long suffering hero?

9) Aphrodite (the golden) and Ares (the shield stabber) had three children: two were nasty and one was nice. Can you guess which was which?

  • Phobos (Panic)
  • Deimos (Terror)
  • Harmonia

10) The beautiful Rhodope was a very real woman in ancient Greece but she might be confused with which modern myth?

11) The Nereids want to have a party! They want you to find a suitable location and serve lots of good food. We all know that the Immortals eat ambrosia so the food problem is solved but WHERE will you have the party?

12) If you were zooming through the sky heading towards Olympos on your golden chariot, who would open the Gates of Heaven for you?

13) When the hero, Orion, fell in love with Eos, what happened to him?

14) Why did the Trojan War begin?

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