Amazons are Real!

The Amazons used to be a myth. We might even say that they were a myth within a myth but perhaps all that has changed. In a recent Fortean Times magazine, there was an article about a grave site in Asia Minor where a group of exceptionally tall women were found buried wearing their armor and with their well used weapons at their side. Herodotus explains that the Amazons intermarried with the Scythians but never lost their independence or their hunting and warlike ways. Herodotus also states that the Scythians called the Amazons ’Oeorpata’... ’oeor’ meaning ’man’ and ’pata’ meaning ’kill’... translated as ’mankiller’. It was said that an Amazon woman couldn’t marry until she had killed an enemy in battle.

This Fun Fact was taken from The Histories by Herodotus.

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