Helen of Argos (not Troy)

Yes... of course, everyone has heard the story of Helen of Argos. She left her lawful husband and ran away to Troy with Alexandros, son of the king of Troy. To avenge the insult and the theft of Helen’s dowry, her husband assembled an army and the fall of Troy became his quest. Troy was leveled and Helen was freed from the spell that induced her infidelity. She was finally returned to her home and family after ten years sadness and bloodshed. Helen was only the pawn of the Immortals and she had no other wish than to have the ordeal end in peace. At one point, near the fall of Troy, Aphrodite actually threatened Helen if she didn’t comfort Alexandros after he had been snatched from the battlefield... and certain death. Helen was not the cause of the Trojan War but her divine beauty gave passion to the warriors and their cause.

This Fun Fact was taken from The Iliad by Homer.

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