The Missing Shoe Trick

According to Herodotus... Rhodope "was by birth a Thracian, the slave of Iadmon, son of Hephaestopolis of Samos, and fellow-slave of Aesop the fable writer." The Greek rhetorician Aelian (teaching in Rome circa 200 b.c.e.) related a story about Rhodope: Her slipper was snatched by an eagle while she was bathing. The slipper was conveniently placed in the lap of the pharaoh of Egypt. The pharaoh searched high and low until he found the beautiful Rhodope and married her. When Herodotus visited Egypt he was told that Rhodope had built one of the pyramids but Herodotus was too well educated to believe such a thing. Rhodope and Aesop are usually placed in the time frame: 620 - 560 b.c.e.

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