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We've tried to blend good research and documented sources with a pleasing and sophisticated technical presentation in order to provide a stimulating encounter with this fascinating subject.

This entire site is 'G Rated' and is suitable for all ages.

Our recent Domain Name change

This site has moved to messagenetcommresearch.com/myths. Please be sure to use this new address when linking to our site. Nonetheless, links to messagenet.com/myths will still work and we express our thanks to Messagenet s.r.l. for their redirection of our old domain for this educational resource.

Who We Are

This web site has been in continuous operation since 1996 and is researched/written by Michael Stewart and designed/administered by Michael Wiik.

Michael Stewart is a free-lance writer and resides in Arlington, Virginia. His interest and obsession with Greek mythology began over a decade ago and has blossomed into the web site you see before you. He holds no college degrees which would allow him to teach the subject but he is a meticulous researcher and justifies his credibility by providing the sources for the information he presents. Questions and comments regarding the content of these pages should be addressed to xavr at mythagora dot com.

Michael Wiik has been involved with computers and data processing since 1979. After fifteen years of mainframe and minicomputer database application programming he switched to web development. As owner and principal of Messagenet Communications Research, he supports web design studios with information architecture, analysis, web page mastering, and programming. Technical questions and comments regarding this site should be addressed to mwiik at messagenetcommresearch dot com.

Michael Ortleib designed and created the homepage graphic. He operates moCreate and can be reached at michael at moCreate.com

Sandra Peterson provides proofreading and editing support.

Link Policy

We are often asked for permission to link to this site. We believe everyone should be able to freely link to anywhere on the World Wide Web as they wish, since this is the nature and strength of the web. If your company or institution requires explicit permission, then let it be known that permission to link to any page on this site is granted freely to anyone.


All of the original narrative content on this myths site is copyrighted by the author, Michael Stewart. The design, layout, structure, microcontent, and other aspects of the site are copyrighted by the publisher, Michael Wiik.

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