Major Projects

School Improvement in Maryland
UAQA LLP 1999–ongoing
Performed web page mastering from photoshop layouts for creation of hundreds of pages and templates for this massive site for the Maryland school system. Additional work includes application development, almost always for dynamically generated or automatically authored portions of the site.
html 4.01–xhtml 1.0, perl, javascript, xml, image processing
High School Assessments
UAQA LLP 2000–ongoing
Introduced substantial XML processing into the web for this extensive subsite (~8,000 files) concerning Maryland's High School Assessments. Designed and implemented perl scripts for various self-testing applications.
team management, html 4.01–xhtml 1.0, perl, javascript, xml, image processing
Minnesota Deptartment of Education
Developed templates from designer's files for redesign of entire site.
xhtml 1.0, css, javascript, image processing
Safe Food International
A recent small project constructed using xhtml 1.0 and css from the ground up.
xhtml 1.0, css, image processing
IMF World Economic Outlook Database
Bryson Web Production, Inc. 2003
Performed ColdFusion application programming and user interface design for site allowing custom report among extensive array of economic indicators for individualized sets of countries, regional and economic groups.
html, ColdFusion
Center for Science in the Public Interest
UAQA LLP 2003–ongoing
Performed web mastering and javascript development for new splash page and new global navigation elements for entire site. Performs periodic site maintenance.
html 4.01–xhtml 1.0, javascript, image processing
National Geographic Adventure
UAQA LLP 2000–2002
HTML coding for several online Adventure issues.
team management, html 4.01, image processing
National Geographic Xpeditions
HTML coding for this geography education site.
html 4.01, image processing
National Geographic Destinations
Designed and created custom content management system allowing for database-driven generation of entire site. Same system was used for other NGS properties. System enables designers to include custom-formatted results from database queries which are then prepared by programmers outside of the template system.
html 4.01, perl
National Geographic Books
Extension of system used for Destinations.
html 4.01, perl
National Geographic Calendar of Events
Comprehensive addition to custom system developed for Destinations allows for extensive decision-making in the templates.
html 4.01, perl
National Geographic Channel
UAQA LLP 2001, 2004
Developed system for parsing and error detection of databased showtimes into weekly programming charts. 2004 project involved parsing and error checking for XML feed used for schedule generation.
National Geographic Florida Keys: Postcards From the Edge
Web page mastering.
html 3.2, image processing, javascript
Greek Mythology
(internal) 1996–ongoing
Fine content and an accessible interface have put this educational web in the very highest rank of sites for this subject. Site serves hundreds of thousands of page views every month.
xhtml 1.0, perl, css, javascript
Pratt & Whitney
Big John Productions, Inc. 1999 (previous site)
Implemented turnkey press release publication system allowing existing feed from P&W news service. Publication system automatically generated monthly and yearly archives, along with menus to access same. Also performed editting of numerous html documents, some with javascript functionality.
html 3.2, perl, javascript
IMF Fiscal Transparency Manual
Bryson Web Production, Inc. 1999
Our largest project for IMF involved extensive document conversion, image processing, and conversion into several word processing and printable formats.
team management, html 3.2
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Bryson Web Production, Inc. 1999–2004
Prepared hundreds of various documents, using automated and semi-automated techniques along with hand optimizing of images, charts, and html code. Frequently called on to lead team for larger projects, including such as preparation of Japanese translations.
team management, html 3.2–xhtml 1.0, css, perl, coldfusion

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