Is War Immortal?    

The Immortals were the alpha and omega of the Trojan War. Aphrodite was not the sole cause of the war but her perpetual meddling inspired more misery and death than all the other Immortals combined. Many of the Immortals, including Zeus, had brave sons fighting in the armies at Troy. These young warriors were from the generation of Heroes... half mortal, half immortal. Many of them died at the hands of other Heroes. As the war drew to a climax, Zeus called all the Immortals to Olympos. He told them he not stop them if they wanted to join the fray. He said he would not protect Troy and, by saying so, he doomed Troy to dust and Achilleus to virtual immortality. The Trojan War was the source of untold sorrow... and it was caused solely by the source of all beauty and hope... the Immortals.

This Fun Fact was taken from The Iliad by Homer.

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