Look the other way...

If you saw poor Odysseus on his raft you should, by all means, pretend not to see him and get the heck outta there!

While Odysseus was on his way home from Troy, he sought refuge in the cave of Polyphemus. Polyphemus wasn’t home so Odysseus and his crew made themselves comfortable and helped themselves to the livestock. After they had eaten and given sacrifice to the gods, Polyphemus entered and he was hungry too. He snatched up the crew and began eating them!

In order to escape, Odysseus was forced to blind Polyphemus with a hot spear in the eye... did I mention that Polyphemus was a Cyclops? He only had one big eye in the center of his head. Cyclops means "wheel-eyed" (Kyklopes). Odysseus not only blinded Polyphemus, he tricked him with clever talk and made his escape.

After Odysseus was safely out to sea, he taunted the wounded Cyclops and boasted of his feat. Polyphemus called on his father for revenge and his prayers were answered. Poseidon raised the sea and it’s inhabitants to avenge the insult to his dear son. But Zeus tempered the punishment and wouldn’t let Poseidon kill Odysseus. The rest of the crew was not so lucky. They were all killed. Some of them died with glory... but all of them died as the pawns of the immortals.

This Fun Fact was taken from The Odyssey.

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