Trick Question!!!

Sorry... there is no wrong answer.

Minos... Crete... Minoan... all three are different ways to say the same thing. The Minoan Empire was on Crete and the traditional name for the king was Minos.

The Minotaur was a man with a bulls head. The word (Mino-taur) literally means ’Minos bull’. The ancient Greeks who came face to ‘face’ with this beast were doomed to die in the labyrinth of Minos.

The trouble began when King Minos asked Poseidon for a worthy sacrifice. Poseidon gave him a glorious bull but Minos was too awed by the animal’s grace and power to perform the ritual sacrifice. As punishment, Poseidon caused the wife of Minos to fall in love with the bull. The Minotaur was the result of that union.

This Tricky Fun Fact was taken from The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature.

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